Wyrmsteeth Mountains

Southern Edge of the Wyrmsteeth

The Wyrmsteeth Mountains are the vast, rugged and dangerous mountain range that have served Brittanis as a natural strategic barrier for ages. The massive, nearly-impassible peaks and monster-infested passes have stymied invasions and communication from either side of the range for thousands of years.

Approximately 600 years ago, Honoria Brittania led an army on a grueling four-month trek across the mountains, seeking new lands to conquer instead of the politics and backstabbing of the Tiberian Empire. When her forces finally emerged into the verdant green of the land across the mountains, it took her less than two years to pacify the vast majority and establish (relatively) consistent travel across the deadly mountains.

Oh crap. That's a dragon.

All sorts of mountain-dwelling monsters inhabit the Wyrmsteeth, but it is of note that the drakes and mighty High Dragons that once gave the region their name were hunted nearly to extinction by the Imperial Legions of Tiberium.

Recently, though, it is said that large, winged reptiles have once again been sighted flying in hunting patterns on the thermals lifted by the dangerous, jagged peaks.

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Wyrmsteeth Mountains

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