King Torbin "The Wronged"


(Dark Teal)
Dark Crown, Dark Magic
Capital: The Grey Tower
Major Population: Tiberian, Brynn, Gael’Dar (elves)
Major Religions: Old Faith ( Eldrea, Rhaine ),Church of Light ( Aureus, Dagmar, Emrys)
Languages: Tiberian, Brynn, Elven
Ruled By: King Torbin The Wronged
Other Noble Families: Devon, Cornelius, Blackshield

The nation and people of Siluria used to be the guardians of the Waste, standing against the horrors of that blasted region. Their latest king, Torbin, ignored this responsibility in favor of lining his coffers and experimenting with forbidden magic. When the creatures of the Waste came pouring south from that blasted, twisted land, the defenders of Siluria were totally unprepared. They were massacred and pushed back beyond the White River and there awaited orders from their King—and none came. Eventually, when King Balthor of Logres and Baroness Elisabeth Valerias of Albion allied to bring the monstrous horde to battle, the warriors of Siluria could stand the stain to their honor no longer, and marched without orders to join the fight. Then, when they returned home victorious, they found that their King had ordered them traitors, seized all their lands and holdings, and demanded their surrender. Those who did were immediately executed. The rest disappeared into the area that became known as the Swordlands, leaving Siluria with nothing but its magic to protect it.

Twisted Wood of Siluria

Today, King Torbin calls himself “The Wronged” because of the so-called treason of his of nobles and plots night and day to reclaim the lands that were his. His experiments have made him paranoid and delusional, so he plots against Lyonesse and Logres as well, believing that they were part of the “grand conspiracy” which took from him what he sees as rightfully his own. The lands of Siluria are thickly forested and rugged terrain, making invasion difficult but the exports of coal for smithing and gold keep Torbin with enough money to pay for troops instead of fielding his own.

Siluria is, other than the eladrin cities of Rendayn, the only place with a school of magical learning in all of Brittanis. King Torbin has invited a large number of adepts from across the Wyrmsteeth Mountains to come and build a school in Siluria. All of these adepts are members of the historical Council of Magic—the group responsible for the registration and institutionalization of magic-users ans well as the persecution of those mages not beholden to the Council. Their presence in the lands of Brittanis and their growing influence can only bode darkly for the future.

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