The feral wild of Seridane


Kingdom of the Crystal Throne
Capital: Erethril
Major Population: Gael’Dar (elves), Brynn, Tiberian, Erin’Tar (eladrin)
Major Religions:Old Faith ( Eldrea, Sarai, Rhaine)
Languages: Elven, Brynn, Tiberian
Ruled By: Queen Alithera, the Crystal Queen
Other Noble Families: Donithryan, Tinilmariand, Caenen

It is known that the forest the wandering Gael’Dar—called elves by the humans—elves originally came upon was neither as vast nor as fierce as it is today. Since they settled there, the magics of the elves and their chosen patron, Sarai, have contributed to the increase of the forest’s danger over the generations, each year increasing the acerage that the massive woodland kingdom claims.

Likewise, the creatures of the wilderness in the Kingdom of Seridane are far more wild and feral than those found anywhere else in Brittanis, and mayhaps anywhere in the world. Predators are larger, faster, stronger and vastly more cunning than those found elsewhere. The reputation the elven wood has for being a place of wild, untamed places and like creatures inhabiting it is far more than bedtime stories to tell children. Calling the forest surrounding Seridane “The Nightmare Wood” is the utter truth.

Seridane's Natural Defenses

It is not known why the Gael’Dar allow this situation to persist; scholars have concluded that they lose both population and resources to the hazardous nature of their kingdom just as surely as other nations lose ships to piracy or trade caravans to brigands every year. But thus far the elves do little if anything to stymie the dangers of their own homeland. They choose to live in a land that is as deadly as the elves themselves.

Information about the Kingdom of Seridane is spotty at best. It is known that the realm is ruled by a hereditary Queen, now ancient even by elven standards. She is by all accounts nearly four hundred years old and has ruled Seridane for since the death of her own mother; she can also apparently trace her ancestry back to Eldath and from there to Sehanine. She is Queen Alithera of the Crystal Throne, Protector of Seridane and it is she who gave the order to abandon the former capitol city of Caliduin and move the Court of Stars to the port city of Erethril. Alithera was crowned when her mother fell in battle against the entity or force that destroyed the former capital city of Caliduin, and all tales of Alithera speak of her grave countenance— one popular bard song says that the echoes of her mother’s screams can be seen in her eyes. She is a just and competent ruler, by all accounts, but rarely if ever deigns to receive ambassadors from other realms. What trade is conducted by elven merchants is apparently entirely unregulated by government, as the elves only allow traders of other races a few miles inside their leafy borders.

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