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Oracle of the Gods, The Raven Queen
Justice, Loyalty, Defense, Etiquette
The personification of Fate and Destiny, Rhaine is an ancient enigma, shrouded in mystery and contradiction. Depicted sometimes as an androgynous woman cloaked in dark grey, it is not completely certain that Rhaine is even female. She is the goddess of the inevitable, for Death comes to us all in time. She is the Two-Faced Goddess, for both creation and destruction, life and death, are held in her hands. It is said that even the other gods fear her, for they too can die and the touch of Rhaine brings both blessing and suffering. She is the Prophetess, Oracle of the Gods, and though few in number, Rhaine’s followers are well-regarded for their ability to see the future.

She shepherds those with great destiny, appearing in times of decision or strife to aid or hinder as she sees fit. She is the goddess of the moon, the Light In the Darkness, leading us all toward our destinies. One thing Rhaine is utterly implacable about is the undead. Her followers are tasked with destroying them and those who make them wherever they are found. Death and the eternal rest of souls is her purview and she will have no upstart mortal attempting to usurp it. The Lady of Shrouds is a jealous mistress and warrants no corruption of her power. Rhaine’s aloof temperament makes her Unaligned. Her favored weapon is the sickle and her symbol is three interlinked circles, one each of red, black, and white; also, a crescent moon of silver has been used since the oldest known writings about Rhaine to symbolize her. Her values are Justice, Loyalty, Defense, and Etiquette.

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