The Arcanum in Rendayn City


Realm of Fey Magic
Capital: Rendayn City
Major Population: Erin’Tar (eladrin), Humans (all), Gael’Dar (elves)
Major Religions: Old Faith ( Eldrea )
L*anguages:* Elven
Ruled By: Circle of Five
Other Noble Families: Alantha, Buricrath, Shalasara

The most educated minds in Brittanis all have one thing in common—they have all studied at the Arcanum in Rendayn City and garnered knowledge and power from their time in its hallowed halls. Above all, intelligence and magical ability are valued in Rendayn, and the mightiest adepts of the age have practiced their art there.

Rendayn was founded at roughly the same time as Seridane, when groups of Erin’Tar—called eladrin by the humans— banded together for mutual protection after their exile from the Faewyld. They scattered to the four winds, but one group consulted the oracles and sought out the rocky islands that would one day become a homeland for the eladrin.

Harsh, craggy shoreline of Rendayn islands

The Council of Five oversees both the administration of the Arcanum—the citadel where the art of magic is taught—and the day to day duties of a huge City Council. They also serve as Rendayn’s judges, and each Councilor supervises one of the schools of magic taught at the Arcanum—Evocation, Illusion, Enchantment, Nethermancy and Conjuration.

Fae creatures are commonplace here, as the eladrin have intentionally made the boundary between the Faewyld and the natural world thinner here than elsewhere—the eladrin keenly feel the loss of their people’s exile and while they may never be welcomed back, they can invite those creatures willing to do so into our realm. Of course, this means that many creatures of ill intent make it through the barrier, and many eladrin warrior-adepts are trained at hunting the darker kinds of fae.

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