The Tiberian people are descended from the old nobility of the Empire, and are a pious culture who make fine warriors and whose political maneuverings are legendary; even the lowliest peasant has his fingers in something. They are by far the most varied of the human races, encompassing many other ethnicities absorbed long ago into the Empire. They hold nobility as the highest virtue, and the concept of knighthood that has become the forefront of the frontier peoples began with them.

The Brynn were once found only in the western highlands, content to war amongst their own clans or raid the Imperial supply lines. Nowadays though, they wander far and near, lending a sword arm, skill or spell where it is needed provided coin or adventure is handy. Brynn are clannish, hotheaded and territorial, but make for fantastic scouts and their rangers are legendary.

The Norn are considered warlike and savage by other races’ standards. They value strength and personal honor above all, and do not hesitate to fight whenever they get a chance. Thieving, lying and breaking an oath are the highest crimes in Norn culture, and warrior virtues are espoused by their powerful priests.

The Khemri are the last of the human cultures found in Brittanis. The true history of the Khemri is shrouded in mystery—some say even to the Khemri themselves. What is known to outsiders is that they have traveled the trade roads of the Empire and later, Brittanis, for centuries; trade, commerce and barter are the weapons they wield to keep themselves safe. Many a frontier town owes its existence to the Khemri caravans that supply the settlement with goods they cannot otherwise get. The Travelers are less numerous by far than the other ethnicities, but well-known by reputation. They wander the land in their brightly-painted wagons, trading goods and tales wherever they happen to find a deal or a buyer.

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