Cutting a Kingdom from the wilderness


Frontier People, Savage Land
Capital: Loch Baliel
Major Population: Brynn, Norn, Tiberian
Major Religions: Church of Light ( Emrys, Dagmar ), Old Faith (all)
Languages: Brynn, Norn, Tiberian
Ruled By: King Kentrid the Scarred
Other Noble Families: Sylgrid, Harper, Augustus
Youngest of the kingdoms of Brittanis, Orkenay is has been literally carved out of the wilderness in the last generation. Exiled from Albion for treason, Lord Kentrid attempted to rebel against the throne and was exiled from Albion by King Aric, never to return. A pragmatic and ambitious man, Kentrid and his lover Morgan LeFay decided that if they could not usurp a kingdom, they would carve one from the wilderness instead. The former Duke of Eboracum led loyal followers and mercenaries to build himself a kingdom. Orkenay is wild, frontier territory that holds to a semblance of law. As more settlers move across the mountains to send the furs, timber and ivory of the north, Orkenay prospers and grows in power and wealth.

Dark, wild forests of Orkenay

Despite its newness, Orkenay is as expansionistic as its King is grasping. In the days following the assassination of King Riordan of Lyonesse, warriors from Orkenay marched down from the mountains and occupied the town of Riverbend, because Lyonesse had no leadership to mount a counter-offensive. Some believe that King Kentrid ordered the murders himself so that Lyonesse would be weakened for an invasion, and underestimated the young King Connor. The truth may never be known, but Orkenay holds Riverbend even today.

King Kentrid was exiled for treason, and his kingdom follows its ruler’s example. The markets of Orkenay are known as places where anything and everything is for sale or can be had for a price. Poison, drugs, and goods that are contraband elsewhere are commonplace in Orkenay—though merchants pay heavy taxes for the privelige of selling in the open. Murder is easily for sale, and the thieves and assassins of Orkenay are known to be nearly as dangerous as those of Helios, though their methods are far less subtle and far more bloody and brutal. Likewise, both because of the rugged and monster-filled wilderness that Orkenay is carved from as well as the dangers of the society at large, many mercenaries and guards find steady, if perilous, work in Orkenay.

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