Garwulf, Norn Skald

The Norn people are native to this land, descended from the human tribes who settled here millennia ago. They are large and warlike, born warriors and survivors. They are a strong, proud people forged by the land in which they dwell. They feel they have earned, through strength in battle, the place in which they dwell. Though they are appreciative of the technology and magic the Tiberian Empire brought with them, they tend to view the newcomers as decadent and even weak. Their society is largely a meritocracy, with a Council of Thanes choosing the King or Queen by vote.

Note: In addition to the benefits in the Player’s Handbook, Norn gain a bonus feat. Their choices for this feat are Great Fortitude or Skill Training (Endurance, Athletics, or Intimidate).

Appearance: Norn are a tall, hardy people with fair skin and hair and eyes of steely grey or blue. Red hair is not uncommon, and dark-haired children, especially females, are considered blessed by the gods. They typically wear leathers or furs in the winter and lighter but still protective clothing in the summer months. Axes are common, especially now due to their association with the giantkin, but spears and swords are often carried as well.

Aedwen, Norn Ranger

Personality: Norn take their measure of people based on strength, valor, martial prowess and honor. From an early age they are tested by their elders, and no Norn child is considered fit to marry until they have passed the Rite of Ascension, a weeklong test of endurance, honor and character that occurs once per year at the harvest festival. To the Norn, the artificial strata of Tiberian society make no sense: the natives simply cannot fathom the difference between noble and commoner. To them, the natural pecking order is established by deeds, and those who show themselves weak in any way do not deserve to hold a position they have not earned. Deceptions, lies and trickery are despised by them while forthrightness, simple speech and plain talk are preferred. Needless to say, Norn and Gnomes typically annoy each other greatly.

Homeland: The Norn people originally hail from the high, rocky plains of far north-eastern Brittanis. In the last few generations, and especially under the leadership of the hero Morzan the Thunderer, they have expanded their cultural influence greatly, migrating by ship to the southern heartlands and occupying the lands of Greycliff. Norn influence there is strong, and many young adventurers of Norn descent come from that duchy. Norn of Benwyck heritage are considered by many to be more civilized, though no less fierce when their anger is roused.

Alignment: Like all humans, Norn of all alignments abound, though Lawful is dominant. Their adherence to the rules of honor and right action pull them towards the alignments of order and structured living. The most common Character Values for Norn are Prowess, Defense, Courage, and Principle.

Religion: The Church of Light has a foothold in Norn lands, but only due to the diligent efforts of the priests of Dagmar, Emrys, and Ghorn whose temperament matches that of the Norn well. Many of the Norn from the Benwyck region pray to one of these three gods due to the strong influence of the church in the Heartland. While it may seem that worship of Sarai would be common in such a wild and untamed region, the Norn have a long-standing tradition of worshiping Rhaine, the goddess of Fate and Death. Her name is a common battle cry amongst Norn raiders who embrace the inevitability of her touch, and the vast majority of Norn, particularly those from Malagant pay their respects to her.>/div>

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