Malagant's Mountains


A Nation Devoted To War
Capital: Sighvar
Major Population: Norn, Tiberian, Free Dwarves
Major Religions: Church of Light ( Dagmar, Ghorn, Liriel ), Old Faith ( Rhaine )
Languages: Norn, Tiberian, Dwarvish
Ruled By: King Eossa
Other Noble Families: Shayne, Orkwood, Korel
Like Benwyck and Kernow, Malagant has lost much to the Kairn invaders, but in response to the threat, the King Eossa has transformed his entire society. The Norn culture values strength and valor, and thus they have adapted to a culture of warfare—everything in Malagant is directed towards the acquisition of power and the repulsion of the invading Kairn. Their hills and forest produce lumber for shields and their grazing lands produce leather for armor and meat for soldiers. The King of Malagant believes that the Kairn are a test to weed out the unworthy and those who are unfit to rule, and he means to be left standing by any means when the dust finally settles.

Sighvar, Capitol of Malagant

Everything related to the art of war is produced in Malagant—weapons, armor, siege engines, ships and soldiers. While the majority of these are consumed by King Eossa’s single-minded fury regarding the Kairn, many of these items make their way in trade to the other nations of Brittanis. Kernow, in particular, spends what little money it can gather on Malagant steel to arm and armor its troops.

War has become a lifestyle and a calling for the people of Malagant. It is a part of everything they do and think about—their poetry and livelihoods and every waking breath has the looming presence of their battle-mad King stamped upon it, and many wonder just how far Eossa is willing to go in order to secure resources, intelligence, and warriors to continue his berserk assault upon the Kairn.

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