Young Queen, Old Enemies
Capital: Redwall Castle
Major Population: Tiberian, Brynn, Free Dwarves, Erin’Tar (eladrin)
Major Religions: Church of Light ( Aenryia, Aureus, Ghorn ), Old Faith ( Eldrea )
Languages: Tiberian, Brynn, Dwarven, Elven
Ruled By: Queen Rosalind MacGregor
Other Noble Families: Kathstein, Tremayne, Morrigen
Lyonesse is a nation that could have fallen into ruin , but the resilience and ability of its royal family has surprised many. King Connor MacGregor, crowned in 2010, was only just turned 19 years old when he took the throne. On his 18th birthday both his grandfather the old king and his father the prince were assassinated by unknown attackers. Suddenly thrust into leading a nation, Connor took the throne and led people into relative prosperity. Orkenay and Siluria both have designs on the mountain valleys of Lyonesse, but King Connor proved an able ruler, expanding his kingdom into the formerly lawless lands to the south. He has bound several of his grandfather’s loyalists to him by giving them lands or by marrying them into the royal house. Thus the nobility that might have faded away to other lands stayed and fought with renewed vigor for their new king. Sadly, this was only a peaceful interlude in the troubled history of Lyonesse.

Unconquered Castle of Redwall

This past spring—2012 IC— saw an attack by a large Kairn force farther north than had ever been seen before. King Connor rallied his vassals to fight the invaders and eventually prevailed, but lost a hand in the battle due to grievous injury. Only the intervention of a group of adventurers saved the kingdom from a grisly assault by the Kairn. Later that year, King Connor, too, was assassinated at the castle of one of his own nobles. Lord Cedric Tremayne is suspected of being the assassin, but no proof to exonerate him or conclude his guilt has been found, and the man himself disappeared immediately after.

Lyonesse is a mountainous land, filled with valleys and forests and natural resources. Its warriors are used to working in such rugged territory, and are known throughout Brittanis as foes of implacable endurance and stamina. Marching up and down mountain passes, through ancient woodlands and fighting battles on mountainsides makes the fighters of Lyonesse both incredibly adaptable and very difficult to wear down in a prolonged fight.

King Connor’s elder sister Rosalind MacGregor—passed over for the throne when her father and grandfather were murdered in favor of her younger warrior brother— now sits upon the throne of Lyonesse with a country on the verge of civil war and both Siluria and Orkenay looming like vultures. It remains to be seen if the young Queen will be able to save her kingdom from ruin.

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