Mysterious Forests of Logres


(Light Teal)
Surrounded By Enemies
Capital: Eastlund
Major Population: Norn, Tiberian, Free Dwarves
Major Religions: Church of Light ( Ghorn, Dagmar, Emrys ), Old Faith ( Rhaine )
Languages: Norn, Tiberian, Dwarven
Ruled By: King Balthor “The Bright”
Other Noble Families: Baradoc, Saxton, Moorblade

Logres is caught between a rock and a hard place, and always has been. Until two years ago, expansionist and violent Siluria was constantly knocking on Logres’ door, and only stiff resistance and adept diplomacy kept them from outright war. Then, in the span of a single week, the northern city of Norgaard was obliterated by a monstrous horde sweeping down out of the magic-blasted Waste. The horde cut southward like a twisted, mutated knife, plunging into the lands of Siluria and Albion as well as Logres.

For the first time ever, King Balthor of Logres—called “The Bright” both for his hair of shining gold and his razor wit— found himself fighting alongside the forces of the hated Silurians and when the dust cleared, realized that neither he nor King Torbin of Siluria had the forces to re-occupy the lands that the horde had decimated. So Balthor pulled his borders back and when Siluria and Albion did the same thing, the Swordlands were born.

Highlands of Logres

Now, though, Balthor has something else to worry about—the nation of Malagant to his east has tried on two occasions so far to start a border war that can justify an invasion, claiming the resources of Logres in order to fuel Malagant’s ravenous war machine. King Balthor is exceptionally shrewd and canny, though—he is not likely to give in easily.

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