Kingmaker Campaign

Adventure Logs

The first adventures of this incarnation of Tales of Brittanis
In The Beginning
The characters are assigned a mission by Lord Cedric Tremayne, and of course everything goes horribly wrong.
In the Beginning, Part II
Getting ambushed by Erin’Tar Amazons is never a good thing. Of course, neither is full-scale war…

Later Adventures…
Funeral Pyre
Saying goodbye to a comrade, and the beginning of the Greenbelt Campaign
Kennet’s Trading Post
Many meetings, explorations, and the plot thickens…
Scaly Doom
In which the party goes searching for the bandits plaguing the Greenbelt and manages to find a crag drake instead.
“I found the bandits!”—KTHUNK-KTHUNK “…ow.”
In which the heroes continue staggering about the wilderness, looking for people who want to kill them. Their first encounter with the Thorn River Bandits. Yeah, it goes about as well as you’re thinking…

After the Thorn River Bandits are dealt with, the party goes their separate ways for the winter to settle some personal business…
Journey to Barradin’s Hold— Trifus and Barthram Winter Break Part 1
Rage of the Aerie— Draxxus Winter Break Part 1
Caelynn’s Winter Break

When the Springtime comes, several of the heroes have transitioned into other roles, stepping back from the adventuring life.
Farewell to Tayle
Farewell to Grunthar

Player Characters

(* designates former PC now in an NPC role)
Barthram Tremayne
Caelynn of Neverwinter
Draxxus Arishokk
Trifus Remington
Grunthar of Barradin’s Hold *
Kain *
Tayle of the Wrathwood *
Thorad, Priest of Ghorn *

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