Coastline of Kernow


(Light Blue)
Desperate Nation of Grim Warriors
Capital: None (former capital of Farinda destroyed by Kairn )
Major Population: Brynn, Norn, Erin’Tar (elves)
Major Religions: Old Faith ( Sarai ), Church of Light ( Dagmar, Ghorn, Aenryia )
Languages: Brynn, Norn, Elvish
Ruled By: Lord Alain Brandroy, known as “The Black Wall”
Other Noble Families: Costayne, Redemond

Kernow has been hit hard by the barbarians. Many nobles of the north see Kernow as the weakest kingdom, and the most likely to fall to the Kairn invaders. Its coffers are poor after a generation of warfare, its people are frightened and desperate, and its nobility is young and green after the deaths of many older warriors and leaders in battle. The people of Kernow are primarily foresters and farmers by trade, with soldiers in short supply.

When the Kairn Invasion began, the people of Kernow were left relatively alone as the eastern shores of Malagant, Helios and sometimes Benwyck were hit far harder than Kernow. Then, in recent years, everything changed. Seven years ago, the Kairn led a major incursion against the deep-water bay that both Kernow and Seridane use as their major water trade route. The Kairn lost many ships to the defenses of both nations, but the Kain numbers proved greater and they made landfall all around the bay, slaughtering and pillaging and claiming it for their own. Even the elves could not stand against the flood of invaders, and eventually the Crystal Throne abandoned the battle and left the small peninsula to the raiders.

Kernish Ruins

Kernow was not so lucky as the elves—who have another major port city—and fought with grim desperation to save their lands. Ultimately, Duncan Brandroy, the last King of Kernow, led his armies in an offensive against the invaders, mustering the majority of their forces and leading the charge himself. The entire army was slain; King Duncan was led into a trap and his army was utterly obliterated by the Kairn. The vast majority of the Kernish nobility and fighting forces were slaughtered alongside their king, either trying to defend him or, eventually, to recover the body. Very, very few survived the battle that came to be known as the Red Fields.

Today, the youngest cousin of King Duncan leads his people in a ragged, desperate guerilla war to save his homeland. Lord Alain Brandroy has, despite his youth, proven an accomplished and inspired leader and has managed to turn the broken, terrified hunters and foresters of Kernow into a precision strike force of warriors who feel they have little left to lose. Their economy is crushed, their nobility is shredded, and their land is all but lost—yet the Kernish folk fight on with grim determination and have named their young Lord Alain “The Black Wall” because they believe that he is the hard place they will put their backs to and struggle against the invading enemy. In the last decade, Kernow has learned a hard and bitter lesson and the warriors who hail from this land are uniformly some of the hardest folk in Brittanis to kill. The saying, “like a Kernish soldier” is a euphemism both for something that is tough as old boot leather and also for something that is notoriously hard to get rid of.

Ruined Kernish Castle

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