High Council of Britannis

The High Council is the nearly-defunct assembly of kings, warlords, and rulers of Brittanis. It has fallen into disuse in recent generations as the monarchs of Brittanis struggle with each other for power.

The High Council was originally used before the conquest of the Tiberian Empire to elect a High King for the region— a King of Kings who would oversee the rulers of the region and work towards prosperity and peace for all. When Honoria Brittania came over the mountains, there was no High King to unify and organize the tribes, clans and small kingdoms of the area and they fell one by one to her conquering legions.

Today, the High Council serves as a way for the individual nations of Brittanis to keep themselves exactly as divided and separate in the face of the Kairn invasion as they were for the Tiberian Invasion. Each of the rulers sees him/herself as the potential High King, and each will unify with the others only against someone putting themselves up for the seat of High King.

The current members of the High Council are:

King Aric Ambrosius of Albion

Lord Regent Dominic Thorne of Benwyck

King Leodegrance of Cambria

Kernow technically has a seat on the High Council, but Alain Brandroy is too busy trying to save his people to fill it.

King Balthor of Logres

Queen Rosalind MacGregor of Lyonesse

King Eossa of Malagant

King Kentrid of Orkenay does NOT have a seat on the Council, though his lover and envoy Morgan LeFay is constantly agitating the other rulers of Brittanis to allow him a vote as a new, powerful leader of a worthy nation.

King Torbin of Siluria

Technically,both Dalriada and Reghed have, at times, claimed seats upon the High Council. Recently, however, Dalriada has fallen into internal warfare, and it is not uncommon for three, four, or even five claimants to the High Council seat to arrive when a Council is called. This inevitably ends in bloodshed as the bandit chiefs and petty tyrants of Dalriada’s clans end up killing one another.

Reghed has been all but disowned by the rest of Brittanis for their participation in the Night of Long Knives in which much of the rulership of Brittanis was murdered by Kairn warriors smuggled in by Reghed nobles. This seat technically still has a vote, but none is currently so brave to claim it and earn the disapproval of all assembled.

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