Ghorn the Godsmith

Hammerhand, The Runesmith, Godsmith, Fire Lord
Prowess, Loyalty, Defense, Franchise
Godsmith, The Crafter, Runemaker and Hammerhand—all these are names for Ghorn, god of fire, smiths, crafters and strategy. Naturally a favorite of the Free Dwarves, they hold that the Great Smith forged the first dwarves on his anvil, crafting them out of the essence of earth and metal. He is Lawful Good, meticulous about his work and utterly dedicated to his craft. He was the original partner of Aenryia, and with her fathered Emrys, till she was tricked by the Demon Lord Lanaynis into believing Ghorn was a creature of evil. The Lady left Ghorn, and for that treachery a deep smoldering hate sits within his heart toward Lavaynis. Time passed and the Godsmith paired for a brief time with Sarai, and they begat Dagmar, Lord of Battle. Ghorn pays attention to the steady march of time, watching the progression of technology especially in how it involves his crafting and smithing.

He is careful and ever-watchful, and his followers are encouraged to always have a backup plan or alternate strategy. He is a tactician and a strategist, and though he is Lawful Good he is not a proponent of honorable combat at the expense of lives. His doctrine is that good planning and careful strategy are the keys to victory. He is a god of fire and primal passion, and his followers are encouraged to embrace their aggressive natures as well, though they are to focus their passion to the good of all, not let it run wild without form or intent. His favored weapon is the warhammer and his symbol is a burning silver anvil. His patron Character Values Prowess, Loyalty, Defense, and Franchise.

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