Eladrin Bladesinger

Eladrin (Erin’Tar)

Note: Erin’Tar use the stats for Eladrin per 4th Edition D&D rules.

The eladrin, (also called High elves or Sun elves), are the keepers of ancient wisdom— the mightiest adepts of all the races. Their spellcasters and loremasters are unparalleled among the mortal races, and they have melded the warrior arts with spellcasting in the famous bladesong fighting style. The eladrin call themselves Erin’Tar, which in their musical language means “Lost Ones”, for they are a refugee people, cast out from the Faerie Realms and stripped of much of their former power. It has been many generations since the Sundering, but every single eladrin keenly feels the part of his spirit left behind in the Fae Kingdom.

Appearance: The eladrin of Brittanis are the descendants of many different cultures and subgroups, all of which were outcast at the same time and were forced to interbreed in order to survive in the mortal realms. Eladrin are slender and lithe, but vary in height nearly as much as humans do. Elves typically have hair and eye colors in the extremes of the natural range: pale blonde, bright red or deep brown or black hair, and eyes of either pale blue or brown-black. Their skin is fair or cream-colored and though they rarely reach more than 6 feet, it is not unheard of. All eladrin have large, pointed ears.

eladrin male and female

Personality: All eladrin are longer lived than humans, and due to their longer perspectives on life can be seen as aloof. Eladrin see themselves as the protectors of tradition and history, and those things are very important to them. They are also the most patient of the mortal races, focusing on taking the time needed in order to get something done right as opposed to just getting the job done. As such they often have a limited selection of skills but are unrivaled masters in their chosen fields. The most common Character Values for Erin’Tar are Prowess, Nobility, Principle, Franchise, and Etiquette.


Homeland: The rocky, mountainous islands of Rendayn are the homeland of the eladrin. Milennia ago, when the Sundering cast the ancestors of the elves and eladrin from the Faewyld, the elven hero Corellon led her followers to the island and they settled there. Later, the Arcanum was built in the capitol and remains the greatest center of learning and magic in Brittanis today. Anyone who wishes to learn how to master the forces of arcane magic eventually finds their way to the Arcanum to study, read from the great Library, and pursue the study of magic. Three great eladrin cities lie nestled in the mountainous valleys and treacherous peaks of Rendayn, forming natural barriers, chokepoints, and defenses that the invading Kairn have yet to navigate. Twice the invaders have assaulted the eladrin kingdom, and twice the Kairn were slaughtered before they could even establish a beachhead.

Religion: As befits their character, Eldrea the goddess of magic is the primary deity of the Erin’Tarni, though Sarai and Liriel follow closely for they revere both the wild places and beauty in all things. No Churches of Light exist within the borders of Rendayn, though the occasional shrine built by travelers of faith do exist.

Erin'Tar warpriest of Rhaine
Erin'Tar Wizard

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