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The Dreaming God, Lord of Song and Wine
Courage, Faith, Franchise, Etiquette
Eldest child of the Lady Aenryia and her first husband Ghorn, Emrys has the single-mindedness of both his parents but has rebelled against their orderly natures. He is Good, and is the patron of art, music, freedom, wine, and dreams. He created a multitude of spirits called Muses and gifts them occasionally to skilled or devoted mortals to help them with their artistic pursuits. He loves freedom and excess, and inspires his mortal followers to embrace their own talents and abilities to make things of beauty and significance. He has no set view of beauty, however, so the mighty and grand sculptures of the dwarves are just as pleasing to him as the drum-cadences of the goliath and the alchemical perfection of the gnomes.

Emrys is the patron of wine and all things alcoholic and intoxicating. Some might think this makes him a god of drunkenness too, but such is not the case. He appreciates the chemical’s ability to turn friends into enemies and make people do things they normally would not, and as such his followers are encouraged to enjoy the fruit of the vine but watch carefully lest they lose themselves to its charms. Lastly, he is the Dreaming God, sleeping off his wine-soaked revels and harnessing the power of the unconscious mind. Some say he holds lands in the Realm of Faerie because of this, that he negotiated with the Fae Courts for a piece of their realm, but no-one can be sure. His favored weapon is the rapier and his symbol is a bunch of grapes atop a lyre. His patron Character Values are Courage, Faith, Franchise, and Etiquette.

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