The God-Sage, The Ancient One, The Great Mage
Franchise, Prowess, Faith, Nobility
Goddess of magic and patron of arcane spellcasters, Eldrea holds that magic is a tool, pure in its form and devoid of emotion, intent, or alignment. In the right hands, magic can build and construct mighty empires, but in those same hands it can kill, maim and destroy untold lives. It is believed that Eldrea was the god who created the spell that bound the Titans in the bowels of the earth, powered by Sarai’s energy. She is the goddess of knowledge and history, for without those magic becomes useless. She is passionless and calm, and expects her followers to emulate her. Magic is a thing to be controlled and harnessed; those without the will to hold their passions in check will be dominated by the magic itself.

Summoning and dealing with demons and Darkling creatures is strictly forbidden by Eldrea—only the Demon Princes benefit by mortals knowing those secrets. One of the chief duties of the Great Mage’s followers is the relentless hunting down and slaying of demon worshippers and adepts who use Darkling power to fuel their magics. It is because of them that magic has the stigma it does today, and Eldrea fights hard to keep her reputation clean. She sponsors several orders of monks, dedicated to self-perfection and the expansion of self-knowledge. One order of wizard/monks called the Binding Hand are dedicated to the destruction of all things infernal, and have gained a reputation as fierce and wise warriors. She is Unaligned. Her symbol is five stars linked by a circle of silver. Her favored weapon is the unarmed strike or the dagger, and her values are Franchise, Prowess, Faith, and Nobility.

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