Dagmar, Wolf Lord of Battle


Wolf of Battle, The Sword King, Lord of the Fray
Prowess, Defense, Courage, Principle
The only other non-good deity in the Church besides Aureus, Dagmar is the god of soldiers, strength, battle and weapons. The child of a union between Ghorn and Sarai, he carries the strength of his father along with the power and passion of his mother. He is a god of the fray, of the chaos of battle and the clangor of steel on steel. He is not careless or bloodthirsty, but both he and his many followers embrace the turmoil of battle and see it as a metaphor for life.

Dagmar is called The Wolf Lord because of his mother Sarai. When Dagmar was young, many of the Archdemons saw his rising power and tried to kill him. His mother, being a wild creture herself, was not always present for these attacks and desired to keep her son safe. But Dagmar was young, brash, and headstrong, and refused the protection his mother offered. Sarai was cunning, however, and told her son that if he could conquer the mightiest wolf in the forest, she would believe in his prowess and leave him be. So Dagmar sought out the mightiest pack lord in the forest and challenged him to single combat, with all the wolves of the forest watching. Between teeth and fists, claws and mighty muscles, the battle raged on for three days and nights, and still neither the pack lord nor Dagmar would yield. Finally, the pack lord tired, and Dagmar slew him with his bare hands, though his own wounds were grievous and the young god’s blood soaked the forest floor. The wolves of the forest immediately knelt and proclaimed Dagmar their leader, and swore to protect him as he healed and ever after. Thus, Sarai’s plan to protect her brash young son succeeded and Dagmar wore the skin of the pack lord as a cloak to honor the sacrifice that earned him the title of Wolf Lord.

Dagmar counts city guards, mercenaries, military men and athletes in his ranks. He revels in combat and may favor one army on one day and their enemies on the next, but all eventually find his favor equally. His followers train and practice incessantly, knowing that their god favors those who rely on themselves first, eternal blessings and magic second. His favored weapon is the Bastard Sword, and his symbol is that same sword surrounded by lightning. He is Unaligned, and his patron Character Values are Prowess, Defense, Courage, and Principle.

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