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(Dark Red)
Home of the Highland Clans
Capital: Gwynedd
Major Population: Brynn, Erin’Tar (elves), Free Dwarves
Major Religions: Old Faith ( Sarai, Eldrea)
Languages: Brynn, Elven, Dwarven
Ruled By: King Leodegrance
Other Noble Families: Roarke, Donnelly, Bragnall

Cambria is now as it has always been—high, windswept hills rising up into the mountains, filled with people as chaotic and clannish as they are hardy and stubborn.

When the Imperial Legions and the governor officially removed themselves, the clans quickly fell back into the internecine warfare and raiding that has been their status quo for generations. They elected the most powerful of the clan chieftains to rule over them, and Leara of Clan Manderly was elected Queen. Though not common, it is possible that a child of worth can follow their parent, and when Leodegrance, son of Leara was nominated to follow his mother, the clans agreed he was the right choice. That was over thirty years ago, and Leodegrance holds the High Chieftainship to this day.

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Cambria’s geography has always influenced her people. The original settlers of the area are unknown, but some suspect that giant clans or even families of dragons lived in the area before the coming of the lesser races. Dolmens, henges and other huge stone structures dot the landscape with regularity. Though not nearly so sophisticated and elegant as the monuments and obelisks built by the Aquilonians, these mighty structures endure and impress by sheer size.

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The windy hills and deep valleys of Cambria isolated bands of settlers from one another, and after only a few generations the culture of the area had become based around individual clans, each vying against the others for farmland, grazing space and other resources. This inherently fractious mindset still affects the Cambrian people today.

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