Brynn warband


Note: Brynn use the stats for Humans in the Player’s Handbook. However, they gain a free bonus feat in addition, chosen from Lightning Reflexes or Skill Training (Nature, Perception, or Stealth).

When the Tiberian Empire pulled back its legions, the Brynn harried them every step of the way, glad to reclaim the highlands and rugged hills they held before the soldiers first came over the mountains. They are a hardy folk, not afraid to take risks, always looking to challenge or better themselves. The legendary hero Galen was of the Brynn people, and like that ancient warlord the Brynn are fiercely independent, protective of their freedoms and suspicious of threats posed by kingdoms or empires. They recognize the rule of their chief, King and the nobility as necessary, but Brynn voices are loud in defense of their personal rights and freedoms, much to the chagrin of many a town council. They were the first to revolt against the Empire and while they took heavy losses for it, those who passed into the next life were considered blessed for they were truly free.

Appearance: It is likely that the Brynn and Norn originally came from the same ancestors, possibly some ancient refugee from the tragedy that befell ancient Aquilon. Brynn are fair-to-ruddy skinned and light hair is common as is red. Dark hair is uncommon, but light brown is becoming more frequent as interbreeding with other ethnicities occurs. They tend to be of lighter build than the Norn, however, and do not share that race’s bulky musculature. Brynn tend to be light on their feet and agile, favoring the spear above all others as a racial weapon, suitable for both hunting and warfare. They dress in brightly-colored fabrics and have perfected the weaving of kytary, fabric woven in specific patterns to represent different clans. The men wear the kytary in kilts or as a long sash over the shoulder, while older women wear it long skirts and the younger wear it in loose pants. Knotwork designs are also common, stamped or carved in leather or embroidered in thread.

Brynn Warrior

Personality: Natives of the Western Highlands, the Brynn are hardy and energetic folk undaunted by extremes of weather or human cruelty. Their culture focuses highly on family and clan, with many festivals and holidays serving as excuses to get together, drink and find a mate. They tend to be adventurous, bold, and even a little arrogant, seen as brashness or overconfidence by other races. They are organized into clans, and each clan has its own chief or chieftess, for Brynn are the most egalitarian of the human races. Male and female coexist in relative equality with both sexes defending their people and caring for the children and home. In Brittanis, the clans in a fief pledge allegiance to the chief (called Laird) and the lairds pledge their allegiance by voting for a High Chief, though many call the rank a King as well.

Homeland: The rugged, hilly Western Highlands are the ancient homeland of the Brynn people, and they still occupy most of those holdings. At clan meetings and festivals the stories of the Lost Clans are told, and many Brynn hold fire in their hearts toward the gnolls who migrated into what had traditionally been Brynn territory. Now those lands are overrun by the savage dog-men with cities burned to the ground and thousands slain in the battles of the Gnollwar. The people of Orkenay consist mainly of Brynn clans who have only recently bowed to King Kentrid, and that only by conquest. The clans of Dalriada and the Kingdom of Cambria see Orkenay as little better than brigands, preventing a united Brynn people from retaking what was lost to the gnolls.

Brynn Ranger

Alignment: Almost all Brynn are chaotic in alignment, though this does not preclude them from uniting as one; they are merely an independent people who view personal freedom as one of life’s greatest virtues. Their stories and poems boast, however, of great heroes sacrificing all for the benefit of others, and being raised in such a culture influences many Brynn to a good alignment. The most common Character Values for the Brynn are Courage, Faith, Humility, Largesse, and Principle.

Religion: The Church of Light has little influence in Cambria, being adjacent to the heartland where the Church holds its greatest power. Most Brynn Churches are one of two types: either devoted to the entire pantheon of Light, as the Brynn are the people most likely to devote themselves to each god as part of the whole, or a small shrine devoted to a single Luminary, almost always Liriel, Emrys, or Dagmar. The Three Sisters hold the greatest sway in Brynn homes , though sometimes shrines to both the Old Faith and the Church are found in large households to accommodate all members. Sarai holds the Brynn people dear to her; the Archdruid of her faith is historically nearly always Brynn. The ferocity and primal nature of the Wild Queen appeals to the Brynn heart, and she returns their devotion with equal fervor.

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