Brittanis is the name given to the region of the continent of Caledor that exists south and east of the Wyrmsteeth Mountains. It is the primary location for the Tales of Brittanis campaigns.

The Brittanis region is named for Honoria Brittania, a general-governor during the late period of the unified Tiberian Empire. Roughly 600 years ago, instead of joining the civil war and internal strife that was beginning to consume the Empire, Honoria led her army across the Wyrmsteeth in a daring three-month march that, when completed, enabled her and her highly-disciplined Imperial Legions to easily conquer the divided and fractious kings, warlords, and clan chiefs of the region.

Tiberian Invasion Force

Until the coming of Honoria Brittania, the region had been relatively isolated for hundreds of years by the lack of adequate sea travel and the near-impossibility of travel over the Wyrmsteeth Mountains. When the Empire conquered the region, the cultures and peoples of the area were assimilated into the Empire, but managed to keep a large degree of autonomy due to those same limiting factors. When the Empire fractured and split roughly 150 years ago, the Empire pulled back the majority of its troops and leadership from the region to protect the heartland of the Empire. Despite this abandonment, many folk whose families had been native to the Brittanis region stayed in the south instead of abandon lands their family had lived in for generations.

With the abandonment of Brittanis, the Empire effectively washed its hands of the area, leaving it to govern and defend itself. Almost immediately, the Kairn raiders from across the narrow sea began heavy raids and, some say, colonization efforts to try and take over all of Brittanis. The Imperial Legions no longer patrolled the roads, and age-old rivalries between clans, petty kings, and despotic warlords erupted seemingly overnight.

Since then, the political landscape has settled somewhat, but the threat of the Kairn invasion looms ever greater, particularly when the fractious kings of Brittanis refuse stubbornly to unite against a common foe. Time will tell if the nations get picked off one by one, or if the people will stand against the savage tide of barbarians who become greater with every melting snow.

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