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Fractured Land of Civil War
Capital: Carlisle
Major Population: Brynn, Norn, Tiberian
Major Religions: Church of Light ( Dagmar, Aureus, Liriel )
Languages: Brynn, Norn, Tiberian
Ruled By: Lord Regent Dominic Thorne, Sir Simon Hawkins (rebels)
Other Noble Families: Bladewell, Patricus, Hightower

Benwyck is a land falling apart from the inside out. The land is being torn to pieces by two warring noble families, neither willing to let the other have the crown for the good of the country. Ten years ago, King Belkar the Wise died mysteriously with his infant son barely six months old. Quickly the King’s cousin—a powerful and ruthless noble named Lord Dominic Thorne—claimed the Regency for his own and his family has ruled Benwyck ever since, keeping the boy king away from the limelight and politics entirely. In opposition to Thorne’s power grab, one of the old king’s knights, Sir Simon Hawkins, led a rebellion that gathered steam and support from those who defied Thorne’s iron-handed rule.

Ten years have passed, and the wars between Hawkins and Thorne have depleted Benwyck’s resources to the point that the kingdom is dangerously close to being unable to fend off the encroaching Kairn forces who have taken much of the southern coast. Soon the civil war will claim one side or the other, and the “victorious” faction will be left to the nonexistent mercy of the Kairn horde.

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