The Old Father, Greenhand
Loyalty, Faith, Humility, Largesse
God of farming, hunting, civilization, and family, Arturian was once the most prominent of the Gods of Light. He is a warm, fatherly figure promoting agriculture, technology and sensible use of wild resources. He stands guard over his family and his flock alike with fierce fatherly devotion, and his followers are staunch guardians and protectors. Arturian is the brother of Aureus, loyal husband to the Lady Aenryia, and devoted father of Liriel.

As the patron of civilization, Arturian also watches over cities and gatherings of folk, though not in the strictly mercantile way his aloof brother Aureus does. Arturian believes that hard work and advancing technology can be used for the good of all, and many is the inventor or explorer who wears the symbol of Arturian round his neck. Architects, magistrates and city guardsmen alike all revere the god of walls and protection from the encroaching dark. He is the light of safety in a world where the wild places are dangerous and frightening to the common man.

Arturian also sponsors several orders of monks, including the famous Alderstaff Brotherhood. Arturian is Good, his favored weapon is the Quarterstaff. His symbols are many—a set of deer antlers, sheaf of wheat, a well-groomed oak tree, the “green man” whose face is made entirely from plants, and a burning hearthfire.

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