Kingdom of Knights and Valor


Capital: Calderon
Major Population: Tiberian, Brynn, Free Dwarves
Major Religions: Church of Light ( Arturian, Aenryia, Ghorn )
Languages: Tiberian, Dwarven
Ruled By: King Aric Ambrosius
Other Noble Families: Silverhand, Valerias, Frost

Largest and most prosperous of the kingdoms of Brittanis, Albion is ruled by an ambitious king who has set his sights on nothing less than the unification of Brittanis and his own election as Pendragon —the ruler of the entire region. And after his failed bid to claim the High Throne by force, King Aric Ambrosius has decided to make his kingdom the most prosperous in Brittanis and force all others to acknowledge his superiority.

Albion is the breadbasket of Brittanis, its lush and fertile hills providing fields for bread and ranch land for meat. The old Tiberian traditions run deep here, and many youngsters hope to gain a knighthood on the battlefield. King Aric fosters the image and ideals of knighthood himself, and has created the Century Knights in response—the 100 best knights in his kingdom. Aric has worked very hard to improve the infrastructure of Albion, and the rule of law is prevalent in most settlements. Cities are governed by a duke and towns by a baron with villages being ruled by a sheriff or knight, all taking responsibility for the areas surrounding their fiefdom.

House Ambrosius is, for obvious reasons, the most powerful in Albion. It is a house with many lesser branches and bannerhouses, though. The Silverhand family and the Valerias family are loyal allies, staunch in defense of their king and country.

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