Aerys is the name of the planet that Tales of Brittanis takes place upon. Some sages claim that there are a multitude of other planets in the universe, and they also claim that “alternate” planets that differ from Aerys only a little or amazing amounts may also exist alongside.

The plane we inhabit in our mortal lives is referred to as the Material plane, or the Natural World. Some sages theorize that an unlimited number of Material Planes exist simultaneously, with each plane representing a slightly or drastically different reality from our own, but this has yet to be proven. For purposes of theory, however, our “home” plane is referred to as the Prime Material.

Aerys is roughly earth-like, though Aerys is larger in size by about 25%. It has similar conditions to Earth and players can assume similar geographical truisms and natural information.

Through extensive magical research over the ages, loremasters and sages have discovered many truths about the essential nature of both the world itself and that world’s place in the greater scheme of things.

It is known, for example, that the world we inhabit, called Aerys, is spherical in shape and has many similar siblings in our solar system; all known planets revolve around the sun. At least five continents float upon the vast oceans of our world, but only ours has been explored or colonized with any success.

Metaphysically, our world sits in the midst of several other dimensions, or planes. These planes have many names, and over the years it has been revealed that what many thought were seemingly infinite numbers of other dimensions were actually making contact with the incredibly varied landscapes of but a few other realms of existence.

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