Lady of the lake
The Lady of the Lake, The Shining Knight
Prowess, Justice, Defense, Nobility
Goddess of knights, nobles, and justice, Aenryia is the goddess most venerated by the Tiberian people of Brittanis, though due to the difficulty of pronouncing her name for some, she has been known simply as The Lady of the Lake or The Bright Lady for hundreds of years. She is a patron of nobles who seek to use their power wisely, magistrates, and paladins; The Lady sponsors many knightly orders, the Knight Protectors and Ordo Argentum the most prominent. She is a valorous and honorable combatant, seeking evil out in its lair and vanquishing it without fear. She delights in battle but does not tolerate treachery or trickery nor does she tolerate it in her worshipers.

The Lady was once deceived by the Archdemon Lavaynis into believing her first husband Ghorn to be evil and she ceased their relationship. When the deception was discovered, an undying hatred was born between the two divine powers which lasts with no loss of fury to this day. Much later, Aenryia fell in love and married Arturian. She has two children; the eldest is Emrys, fathered by Ghorn the Godsmith and her younger child is Liriel the goddess of healing and beauty. Aenryia is Lawful Good and her favored weapon is the longsword. Her symbol is a silver sword vertical on a field of grey, with a sunburst behind the hilt a variation of this symbol is a swordblade with a gauntleted hand as a hilt and lightning bolt as the crossguard. Her sponsored Character Values are Prowess, Justice, Defense, and Nobility.

A silver dragon-head on a shield of blue, as well as a stylized pair of dragon wings usually seen as a tattoo or painted marking— while these are symbols related to Aenryia, they actually belong to her Exarch Bahamut. Many stories surround Bahamut and his service to The Lady— some call him a mortal knight who rode a silver dragon into battle, while other stories claim that Bahamut was one of the two semi-divine beings created when a mighty dragon-god was sundered in two during the Dawn War. Regardless, Bahamut served Aenryia as her strong right hand, a general in divine conflict and messenger to devout heroes. Several knightly orders exist, some devoted to Aenryia directly and others to Bahamut as icon of knightly perfection.

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