King Aric Ambrosius

An aging king seeks the name "Pendragon" after he inherits the throne from his murdered brother.



Born the younger brother to the hero-conqueror Aurelius Ambrosius, Aric served his brother as a warlord and second-in-command for most of his adult life. A born warrior and leader, Aric led the infantry while Aurelius commanded the cavalry when the two brothers brought an army over the Wyrmsteeth Mountains to reclaim the throne of Albion from Gretorix who had slain their father Constantine.

Aric inherited the throne unwillingly from his brother ten years ago when Aurelius was slain in battle. Aric was always a warrior and never a ruler in the eyes of the client kings of Brittanis, and they took Aurelius’ death as a chance to splinter off and reclaim their autonomy. Aric is ambitious, however, and seeks to reclaim the unity his brother had forged in Brittanis and as such hotly desires to be High King like his brother before him. As yet, however, he is still only king of Albion— the most prosperous and wealthy nation in Brittanis.

King Aric Ambrosius

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