• Abbath Doom

    Abbath Doom

    Tiefling wanderer, Abbath roams the land seeking new songs to ROCK YOUR WORLD!!
  • Aydin Arbor

    Aydin Arbor

    Cosmic sorcerer and merchant to the Greenbelt, Aydin seks to make his name and fortune in some of the most dangerous territory in Brittanis. Thankfully, he's pretty handy with both a deft negotiation and a lightning spell...
  • Barthram Tremayne

    Barthram Tremayne

    Imbued with some of the magical power his father was supercharged with, Barthram has stepped forward as a mighty force for the new nation's prosperity.
  • Caelynn of Neverwinter

    Caelynn of Neverwinter

    Heir to a fallen noble family, Caelynn seeks to help the new nation prosper so that her own lost homeland becomes that much easier to reclaim--when the time comes.
  • Draxxus Arishokk

    Draxxus Arishokk

    Dragonborn warlord and general of a newly-created nation, Draxxus struggles to balance clan and country-- and finds himself struggling to please two demanding masters
  • Trifus Remington

    Trifus Remington

    Born as common as they come, Trifus has been an acclaimed gladiator, a knight in the service of a powerful Lord, and now serves the new nation as Warden.
  • Cedric Tremayne

    Cedric Tremayne

    Former Lord of Barradin's Hold, and Lion Knight of Lyonesse, Cedric was responsible for gathering the first group of heroes under his banner.
  • Ehod Kathstien

    Ehod Kathstien

    Heir to his family title, Ehod swore fealty as a Ward of Lord Tremayne, and served him as a swordmage and adventurer.
  • Grunthar of Barradin's Hold

    Grunthar of Barradin's Hold

    Primal hunter dedicated to the preservation of Lord Cedric Tremayne's dream, Grunthar skulks in the shadows of the new nation, ready to rain steel-tipped death at any threat.
  • Kain


    Tiefling warlock dedicated to the powers of night and shadow beyond and between the stars, Kain wanders the Greenbelt in search of relics and artifacts of the Great Old Ones.
  • King Aric Ambrosius

    King Aric Ambrosius

    An aging king seeks the name "Pendragon" after he inherits the throne from his murdered brother.
  • King Kentrid

    King Kentrid

    Exiled from Albion for treason, the treacherous Duke of Eboracum fled with his lover Morgan LeFay to carve a dominion from the wilderness.
  • Kraxis, Lord of the Aerie

    Kraxis, Lord of the Aerie

    Stern and militant, Kraxis has led a dragonborn settlement that has been cut off from the rest of their people for over 20 years.
  • Merric, Seneschal of Barradin's Hold

    Merric, Seneschal of Barradin's Hold

    Formerly a Master Assassin of the Red Scales Guild, Merric abandoned a life of murder and sought refuge with Lord Tremayne. Actually a woman disguised as a man.
  • Sir Mordane, "The Black Hand"

    Sir Mordane, "The Black Hand"

    Vassal knight to King Kentrid of Orkenay, The Black Hand is the strong right hand of his conniving, ambitious master...until recently, that is.
  • Strahd


    The first person imbued with Lord Tremayne's immense (but ultimately stolen) power, Strahd serves his master fervently after being pardoned from a life of crime and villainy.
  • Taggis


    Formerly a mercenary and assassin hired to attempt the slaying of Tayle, Taggis was convinced to join Lord Tremayne's service by the party.
  • Tayle of the Wrathwood

    Tayle of the Wrathwood

    Elven Sentinel of Spring, Tayle serves the new kingdom as spiritual leader--seeking to balance encroaching civilization with the needs of the wild and untouched places of the Greenbelt.
  • Thorad, Priest of Ghorn

    Thorad, Priest of Ghorn

    Smith-Priest of Ghorn--god of fire, strategy, and smith-craft-- Thorad returns to the service of Lord Tremayne in repayment of a long-owed debt, serving as the smith and metalworker to the new nation.
  • Traevus Tarnhammer

    Traevus Tarnhammer

    Free Dwarf Merchant and ally of Lord Tremayne from his younger days, Traevus is an arms dealer and "supplier of needed things"