Tales of Brittanis

The Fort of Blood--Bagram RED #1

A military outpost has gone silent, and the heroes are sent to investigate by the King himself.

Below is a recap written by the player of Janeva Arbor, who has graciously agreed to recap the game sessions of her team.

When last we left our intrepid adventurers, they had been sent on an errand of the king to discover why no word had been heard from the northern-most fort in Lyonesse territory. Upon arrival, the group discovered that an army of undead had ransacked the fort, leaving no survivors. During inspection the last unit of undead, left to guard the bodies which were still viable for further undead creation, sprang upon our heroes. The battle was long and bloody but in the end, right and good prevailed. Battered and bruised, and no closer to solving the mystery, the group opted to return to a settlement for an extended rest and to resupply.

While in town, Fargrim and Janeva got word of an individual who could possibly shed some light on the shrouded mystery of the undead. However, upon arrival at the meeting point, they discovered his body and were immediately attacked by minions of the Frost Prince. Hearing their desperate cries for help, the remainder of the team, plus 2 more adventurers joined the fray. During the fight, one of the enemies, a Fey spirit, called all the enemies attention to Janeva and screamed, “She’s the one, kill her!” Fortunately for poor Janeva, her undead party member was able to resurrect her after the slaughter. When the dust had settled, the two newcomers, Machaeus and Berethor introduced themselves as protectors of the crown and wished to aid the adventurers on their quest to vanquish the undead.

After one more night in the town of gathering intelligence, the party plus two set off for a cave that they were certain held answers to the threat. When the entrance to the cave was reached, attempts to ascertain its use were made but all that was discovered were ancient Eladrian fonts carved into the stone that made the door, stone that was weathered too much to decipher the individual words. Continuing into the cave, the party stumbled upon an undead mage and his posse. Battle ensued and the party was in peak fighting form dealing massive amounts of damage and sustaining themselves despite their aggressor’s attacks. And despite Wattain being transformed into a kitten and subsequently fondled by Machaeus. Then all hell broke loose. One of the adventurers slammed an enemy backwards so hard that it was forced through a set of doors at the end of a hallway. Little did the group know that they had nearly bitten off more than they could chew. Kalak held the new wave of enemies at bay as long as his area of affect spells could contain them at the doorway. About the time the mage fell lifeless to the ground, a drake of such size as to barely fit through the doors suddenly filled the room. Through strategic placement of the party members, their ability to keep the drake in a corner and thus AOE bursts, plus stacking monumental amounts of debuffs and marks, the group was finally able to prevail over the drake, despite being low on health and supplies. Taking stock of their battered and bruised allies, Janeva, Macaeus, and Fargrim suggested a return to the settlement to bring their friends to a healer. Actually, Fargrim just wanted more ale.

The party returned a few hours later to find that the remainder of the underground force had pulled up stakes and done a clean sweep on the caves. All traces of their presence were wiped away, and even their tracks were covered so well that no one could attempt to follow. All leads were dead in the water. Seeing the error in their ways by leaving without investigating further, but knowing that preserving their own lives would do more good in the long run, the group decided to take the loot they found in the drake’s stash and return to the castle to report to the King at once. At this juncture Machaeus and Berethor bid the party farewell and continued on their own path of freeing the surrounding areas of undead clutches.

After a week of grueling travel, the original party arrived at the castle. Wattain went to his chapel to pray and then out to the people to teach them how to follow the path of the righteous. Wrath too went to the altar of his goddess to pray and was shown a prophecy of impending battle and doom during a time when the weather is cold and crisp and trace amounts of snow lay upon the ground. Fargrim opted to spend some time training and befriended a unit of guards who treated him to drinks at the barracks after training. Kalak and Orannis ventured to the library to research the undead and study alchemy respectively. Janeva descended immediately to her room whereupon she discovered a hastily scrawled note from Rosalind, King Connor’s sister, with whom she has been good friends since before the assassinations of King Riordan and Prince Ainsley. Janeva immediately went to Rosalind’s quarters where she found the young women crying, almost in hysterics, clutching Connor’s crown. Rushing to her side and attempting to calm Rosalind, Janeva asked what could possibly have her in such a state. Rosalind said that King Connor was dead. He had left hastily and told no one of his journey almost a week ago. A letter had arrived that morning from his chamberlain stating that Connor had been assassinated and that Lord Treymane at Barridan’s Hold had sealed up his gates. Attempting to comfort now Queen Rosalind, Janeva inquired as to if there was anything she could do to help. Could she find the killer? Or perhaps find the King safe and sound and it was a ruse from someone who wanted the kingdom, but all Queen Rosalind asked was that Janeva deliver a letter to her mother in Arkenridge, informing her of Connor’s death. Janeva accepted without hesitation. She located all her party members and they agreed to assist their new Queen as faithfully as they served Connor.

The group set out on what would be a multi-day journey. On the second night of camping, Orannis was standing watch when a group of bandits attacked the party. It was a debilitating first blow from the enemy, as only Orannis and Janeva were awake before the first blows were struck. Once the party was awake and ready to fight back, sans armor, the leader of the bandits screamed, “FOR THE LION OF BARRIDAN’S HOLD!” Wattain made an effort to let their ambushers know they too were on Treymane’s side but he was only greeted with laughter and more attacks. Seeing that being diplomatic was not going to work, Wattain formulated a plan to take the leader hostage, but Kalak dropped the mother of all AOE attacks and killed all but one archer. The party seized him as a captive and is currently planning how to interrogate him.

curtains close

What lies in wait for the adventurers next week? Only the DM knows….



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