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Tales of Brittanis takes place on the world of Aerys— a world of ancient civilizations, mighty magic, and most importantly a world where heroes are desperately needed to make a difference.

Though the game focuses tightly on the region known as Brittanis, the world at large is vast and largely mysterious. The ancient and crumbling Tiberian Empire lies to the northwest, and a dark and twisted land called the Waste lies directly north. To the south is a vast ocean—somewhere beyond that ocean are empires and cultures older than memory, but their influence on Brittanis is small. To the east lies both the Narrow Sea and the greatest threat to Brittanis as a whole: the Kairn, a savage and vicious race of near-humans who venerate dangerous forces that push them to conquer, plunder and pillage everything in their path.

The Kairn have conquered large swaths of Brittanis and their forces grow larger every day. The future of Brittanis will be determined by the result of the Kairn Invasion.

Kairn Invaders

Brittanis is a region of conflict, where kings, councils and guilds all compete for power and influence over the people. Armies march to war against each other even as the looming threat of the Kairn hangs over everything, smoke on the horizon that might soon turn to wildfire. Brittanis is a realm falling into shadow, and only the effort of mighty heroes can stop the slide into darkness, chaos, and death.
The year is 2012 according to the Imperial Tiberian Calendar (IC), and 600 years since Honoria Brittania conquered this region and named it after herself. It’s been slightly less than a century since the Empire pulled its legions completely back across the mountains; in the time of your great-grandfather, the Empire abandoned Brittanis and chaos, fear and the sword ruled for a generation.

About seventy years ago, when your grandfather was alive, the High Council of Britannis chose a native leader, known as Julius I, to rule the region. He reigned well in difficult times, and in 1962 his son Constantine succeeded him. A few years later, Constantine was killed, and the throne was assumed by a man named Gretorix. At that time, a massive Kairn and Reghed invasion threatened the entire land until Gretorix hired a small mercenary army of Kairn warriors. Victory was not enough, though, and, inflamed by lust, Gretorix married the daughter of the Kairn King Horsa. Gretorix also brought warlike leaders from the east and settled them around the western coasts to defend against Reghed invaders.

But Gretorix was tyrannical and not well loved.

Soon, many eastern lords of Brittanis rebelled against their new king, but they were crushed and their lands given to his Kairn allies. Gretorix’s own son led another rebellion, and, though temporarily successful, he was killed in battle just 23 years ago. Then, during the infamous Night of the Long Knives, the Kairn betrayed Gretorix, slaying much of the Brittanic leadership and nobility. The land suffered greatly as Gretorix himself came under the rule of his erstwhile Kairn allies.

When your father was a young knight, in the year 988, Aurelius Ambrosius, eldest son of Constantine, came across the Wyrmsteeth Mountains with an army at his back. Immediately, the people of Brittanis literally flocked to his banner, a magical standard that depicted a great red dragon. Gretorix fled and took refuge in northwestern Cambria. It was there that the child sage Celidon, later elected as the first Merlin in over a century, prophesied the fate of Brittanis. Aurelius Ambrosius overcame the invaders and then Gretorix himself, and was named High King. He was called the “high king,” or Pendragon, in part because of the great battle banner he bore.

During his reign, Aurelius Pendragon defeated new invasions by Kairn and even led a fleet to ravage the coasts of the Kairn and Kernish lands, suppressing further invasions for years. But when he marched against a combined Reghed and Kairn army five years ago, in 997, he was treacherously poisoned, and died. His brother, Aric Ambrosius, led the army instead and gained victory. The kings of Brittanis immediately fell to bickering and infighting amongst themselves and while Aric was hailed only as King of Albion, for several of the other kings wanted the title of High King for their own. Aric has been a successful king thus far, quashing all rebellion, defeating rebels and Kairn invaders alike.

Three years ago he snatched victory from defeat with a surprise night raid that swayed several of the northern kings to his side, but still Aric seeks to re-unite what his brother ruled and claim the throne of High King.

Two years ago, a horde of monsters of all sorts descended upon the north of Brittanis, swarming out of the blighted lands known as the Waste. They destroyed the northern city of Norgaard, and today only tumbled ruins remain. Thousands were slaughtered in the unprovoked attack, and only a brief alliance by the rulers of Albion, Siluria and Logres managed to push the monsters back into the Waste. Now the lands destroyed by the monstrous horde are known as the Swordlands as several different factions attempt to re-settle the area and claim its riches and lands for their own.


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